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Great Content Drives Customer Engagement

FMeX helps brands manage the entire content marketing process on one platform. By managing content creation, distribution and measurement, you'll be able to scale and streamline the entire customer experience

  • Publish More

  • Access the world’s largest financial services library with over 6,000 licensed articles – boost your publishing cadence.
  • Own your Audience

  • Share content on your Facebook page with your Millenial clients, email to your Generation X clients, and mail to your Baby-Boomer clients – in seconds.
  • Keep it Legal

  • With FMeX, you are accessing licensed content, so no need to worry about copyright infringement. And we add new licensed content every week.

Powering the mobile business revolution.

FMeX delivers a powerful, intelligent and intuitive app experience that allows you to easily and securely deliver the most relevant content directly from your mobile device

  • Present any type of content on a mobile device with complete confidence (on-line or off-line)
  • Intuitive interface that provides an easy to use consumer app experience
  • Provides a guided selling approach that really engages with clients
  • Measures content utilization to see what experts use, share that knowledge and grow your sales
  • Governs content usage and provides an audit trail to ensure compliance with regulations

FMeX Features & Benefits


The Articles Library contains a searchable database of more than 6,000 articles licensed from established financial publishers. The library is organized in 50 recognizable categories including Business Benefit Planning, Charitable Giving, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Tax Planning and many more. All articles are formatted into 3 styles (HTML, Word, PDF) and available to share via email, LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter.


The Newsletter Library contains 18+ FINRA-reviewed newsletters that are published throughout the calendar year, thus allowing advisors to consistently engage with their clients and prospects. Additionally, curated eNewsletters are published daily with relevant, topical articles of interest. Newsletters can be emailed and/or printed and mailed based on a subscriber’s preference.

My Files

MyFiles are Your Files. FMeX MyFiles offers the ability to upload your own files into the FMeX platform. Using FMeX capabilities, including eShare and our personalized responsive share page, you are able to share your files with prospects and clients via email and social media outlets. The intuitive and easy to use interface makes it a breeze to manage your own content on FMeX.


The Video Library contains 50+ FINRA-reviewed videos organized by categories such as Retirement Channel, College Planning Channel, Business Owner Channel and Benefits Channel. Each video can be viewed instantly on an embedded media player or shared via social networks. All videos (and all FMeX media for that matter) are archived for future consumption and for compliance purposes.


FMeX Editorial Board offers weekly insights into breaking news, as well as in-depth reporting on the issues, trends, and ideas it sees driving the markets and the economy. FMeX's Editiorial Calendar shows recommended newsletters and topical content to send to clients, removing the need to remember important financial event dates.

Social & Sharing

FMeX’s solution makes managing your social media presence a breeze. Users can publish articles, trending social media and other "Snackable" content to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — All from one location. Subscribers have access to our vast library of pre‑approved content to openly share on their social networks.


For organizations that want to maximize the productivity of their mobile workforce, FMeX delivers a powerful, intelligent and collaborative solution that automatically and securely delivers the most relevant content to the right users directly to their mobile device – with all the productivity capabilities needed to interact with and present content delivered in one integrated, intuitive platform.


Role-based access, and content governance controls determine who should get what content, what they can or can’t do with content as well as where content can or shouldn’t reside. Mobile device whitelisting and a secure browser are provided to aid in controlling content access. Content is fully encrypted at-rest as well as in-motion and can be remotely wiped from a mobile device.

Content Management

Automatically deliver the right content to the right users, regardless of where the content resides, directly to their desktop and mobile devices. Content is organized based on relevance attributes and renders with complete fidelity on any device.

  • Built-in compliance workflow.


Integrate with your current systems. With FMeX, you can integrate your content wherever it lives, including your content management system, CRM's such as Redtail, Wealthbox and SalesForce, intranet, file servers, or cloud-based solutions including DropBox and Google Drive. Share content out to your mobile workforce, and collect valuable information in the field.

Content IQ

Content Intelligence system provides visibility & fine-grained measurement of your content’s utilization as well as intelligence for content that is most relevant given a number of attributes such as a mobile user’s role, association, a company’s particular industry or customer type or content that’s best used at a particular stage in a process, time, location & more.

User Experience

FmeX provides an engaging, intuitive, easy to use interface in a consumer application‑like environment. The FMeX experience is completely configurable to the way users and organizations want their content displayed— on their desktop as well as their mobile devices.

Technology Partners

New Domain Investments
Amazon Web Services
AdvisorEngine CRM
Redtail CRM
Salesforce CRM
Wealthbox CRM

Driving Engagement.

Financial Media Exchange is the industry’s largest content marketing platform. We’re powering marketing technology for the future – helping transform the way financial professionals connect with clients, and win more customers. Our cutting-edge technology enables users to create amazing content experiences with simplicity, speed, and global scale.

FMeX is a single, unified solution that provides access to all relevant financial content combined with all the tools needed to enable a mobile workforce to be productive, delivered with the information security and content governance capabilities needed to achieve information risk, compliance and security objectives.


Plans & Pricing

Marketing That Works for Your Business

With FMeX, getting the most for your marketing dollars means never compromising on quality or service. We deliver best-in-class solutions that provides scalable innovation that will meet and exceed your business objectives and expectations.


End to end content marketing platform
Limited free access
Core platform features +
  • 1 Seat
  • Full Mobile Content Enablement
  • Articles - Limited access to fully licensed articles
  • Videos - 6 Titles
  • Newsletters - 6 Titles



Full breadth of content with advanced features
$395 / year
Core platform features +
  • 1 Seat
  • Full Mobile Content Enablement
  • Articles - 6,000+ fully licensed articles
  • Videos - (complete library) 25+ Titles
  • Newsletters - (complete library) 18+ Titles
  • CRM Integrations i.e. Sales Force, Redtail, Wealthbox


Advisor Pro

Expansive content access, platform integration and private labeling
Custom Pricing
Core platform features +
  • Multi-Seat License
  • Mobile Content Enablement
  • Articles - (complete library) 6,000+ articles
  • Videos - (complete library) 25+ Titles
  • Newsletters - (complete library) 18+ Titles
  • CRM Integrations (i.e., SalesForce, Redtail, Wealthbox and others)
  • Marketing asset management
  • Content recommendation
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • 3rd Party CMS integration - Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharepoint
  • Intelligent Content Mangement Engine

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